Range News   

300m shooting continues from the shed at Bisley using the eight lanes of KME electronic targets with great success. We have almost forgotten how bad it could be shooting on manual targets. Scores have generally been more consistent and there has been a lot of interest due to the awareness of TR shoots to electronic targets.

Control room in operation.

Monitor indicating shot location and score

With carpeted firing points and a clean dry environment and our own coffee machine, things are looking good. 

With the electronic target system up and running the GB300m Rifle Club and the word spreads around Bisley we are confident that the Club will enrol more members and host sufficient "guest" shooters to ensure financial security.

Being no longer reliant on pit markers, sometime of very variable quality and attention span, means that our shooters can compete and train on equal terms to the rest of Europe, so long as the Bisley wind lets them ! GB 300m shooting has, at last, arrived in the 21st century.

If you want information on the new Club, GB 300m Rifle Club, or want to try your luck on the range please email info@gb300m.com