NRA / BFRC V Clermont / Creil 2003
Clermont & NRA Team
The 6th Year of competition between the NRA 300m team and the French regional clubs, Clermont and Creil,  took place at Bisley.

Included in this years competition was the inaugural Dick Danik Memorial shoot. Dick was a enthusiastic 300m Competitor and through his family generosity a superb trophy has been donated to be shot for annually.

Also this year  another new trophy donated by the visiting team, this is a very smart glass trophy which is for the aggregate team events over the two days.

It was Graham Hawarth who won "Dick's" Trophy, He was very pleased with himself (see below) as he was a very close friend of Dicks and has been the driving force behind the organization of this event, he really wanted to get his name on the trophy first.

The team events were a close run thing with the second days match being decided by a single point, but as you can see below the French took the honors in the aggregate and will look after the new trophy, but hopefully only until next time!

Team Aggregate 21st - 22nd September 2003
Pos Club Score
1 Clermont / Creil "A" 4704 Glass Trophy
2 NRA  "A" 4694
3 NRA  "B"
4 Clermont / Creil "B"
Full Results
Richard Danik Memorial Shoot

Winner Graham Hawarth

Team Results
Individual Match 1
Individual Match 2
Ladies Results

Marion Goberville

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