T.R. Team League Competition on the Electronic Targets

We will be holding a TR league for teams of four using target rifles (7.62 ).  The GB 300m shooters have been excluded from this competition unless they use a TR rifle. The competition will comprise of four half course matches (sighters plus 30 shots to count)

If you are in a team you automatically qualify for the individual competition, individual entries are allowed so if you can't raise a team come on down.

If you want to join in, the cost will be 25.00 per team member or Individually per shoot.

Team and individuals will be required to shoot four matches (120 competition shots), shot on the 300m weekends, you choose when, range space permitting, once you have entered just phone up or email to book your range space.  The team members can vary, but you will need to do the four matches to qualify for the individual aggregate.

A print out of your groups will be supplied upon completion of your 30 shot course.

The weekends are as follows:-

Dates to be announced



Prizes for the best team aggregate (4 medals) and highest individual aggregate will be awarded.

Please note that ammunition will not be issued.

Contact - info@gb300m.com

Club Championship.
60 shot match to be shot on the last club weekend of the year, check event diary for date.